Honda x Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor - the undisputed world lightweight champion and a brand champion for Honda Ireland. Honda Sensing - a combination of safety features that are as complicated as they are useful. For Fourum, Katie is a human metaphor for this incredible technology, so we created a digital campaign to really hit the point home.

Directing the film crew, we shot the footage in the garage under Honda's HQ in Ireland. Fourum edited and graded the footage, adding motion graphics and producing a suite of 9 x 6 second Youtube ads and a host of digital content including a suite of digital display ads. By layering the strength of the Katie Taylor led content with our more sales focused offer-led content, Honda continues to punch well above its weight in an unpredictable market.

"What makes the Fourum team standout for me is not just their exceptional service levels, but their ability to truly understand our brand’s values and DNA. Catherine, Gregg and the team take the time to explore and really grasp the nuances of our products and our individual campaigns. Couple this with some of the cleverest and most creative content and the results speak for themselves. I have always found Fourum to be the most dynamic, agile and enthusiastic creative partner."

John Saunders
Sales Director, Universal Honda